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What We Do

Learn more about how we strive to make a difference across ASEAN and its communities.

Mission: Skills For Humanity is a non-profit organisation, which is dedicated to serving those in need, we believe that education, shelter, safety and basic human needs are not a privilege, but a human right.

Current projects: Supporting communities/health staff and projects with COVID-19, Delivering projects to care for the aftermath of the pandemic and those in conflict effected areas.

Skills For Humanity (SFH) was founded by Meredith Bunn, having already established humanitarian projects, committees and worked with over 138 organisations, she has tried to utilise her skills to help those in need throughout the ASEAN region.

We are currently forming centres and safe spaces within ASEA (Presently Myanmar) which are providing medical care and training, essential supplies, Disaster/Crisis and risk prevention, Education skills, Conflict resolution and mediation for/with organisations and local development/governmental organisations

We utilise established contacts to help with the facilitation of projects in conflict zones providing urgent medical care, supplies, hygiene kits, and civilian communication/management.

A main focus of our organisation and volunteer activities is to provide safe and supportive environment for those whom are victims of abuse/trafficking (Labour/Drug and sexual), vulnerable persons in conflict zones and those living in extreme poverty, in hopes of making medical and psychological assistance more accessible. Providing education and Language skills, work experience to conflict effected persons in order to help them pursue their desired career/education.

Our goal is to help prevent further conflict and recruitment of youth into dangerous and perpetuating circumstances, by providing various routes to new opportunities with ongoing support. we have been able to create and harness international relations, building strong integral relationships with influential persons throughout ASEA, not only military/government, but also with EAO’s and activist groups, assessing resources and information impartially, with logic and empathy

PHOTO: (Credit to owner) Within the 14 provinces of Myanmar there is conflict within 10 leaving many civilians displaced and at risk.

Skills For Humanity helps a collective of communities across ASEA, but many more are in need. Depicted are some of the current Myanmar conflict zones that our organization addresses.

The Details

Skills For Humanity is a non-profit community, we take pride in supplying and implementing comprehensive security and measured project results often working with programmes from other teams, to gain a greater reach to promote learning and good practice on adopting conflict-sensitive approaches. We believe all groups should be equal and heard, which is why we are devoted to helping marginalised, ethnic and activist groups.

We offer an array of assistance, education and rehabilitation, ranging from:

Areas of Focus –

Trafficking (Sex, child, forced labour, drug and material)

Rehabilitation and Counselling

Conflict Management, Resolution, Mediation, Assessment and Prevention

Poverty and Disaster Relief and Prevention

Community Outreach and Development

Education and Training- (Private organisations/hospitality/government/military/civilians/NGO/INGO’s)

Security Management and Humanitarian safety Safeguarding and Safeguard Training

Public Health, Medical training and assistance

Human Rights

Crisis and disaster Management

Criminal and International/Human Rights law Gender inclusion and Development

Women’s Health and Reproductive rights

For more information or further details on other areas of focus and resources, please feel free to contact us or look at the programmes section.

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