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Blog: Flooding and the COVID-19 risks

(Photo credit-Myanmar free Ambulance service)

While COVID-19, is running rampant throughout the world, many countries are on lockdown, some aren’t so lucky.

Lockdown for poorer/developing countries means thousands going hungry, not to mention the thousands which are homeless and have no place to be quarantined.

In Myanmar health  workers are currently putting themselves in more harms way, due to conflict, lack of resources and funding, the treatment of health workers has radically changed due to fear of the virus, many are shunned and even turned away from stores and restaurants while in uniform.

  With the imminent flooding from rainy season approaching, the risks and stakes are rising rapidly, Myanmar is not prepared, not only for the flooding, which yearly kills hundreds of people, but for the health risks from COVID-19 which will double when the streets, roads and homes of theses people are filled with infected disease carrying water.

While there has been no data to back the claim COVID-19 can be transmitted through water, there has been data to show it can be carried through waste water, which during floods crashes through the streets.

 Not only will this bring the yearly health risks of: Trench foot, gangrene, UTI’s, Cholera and many others, but now the COVID-19.

Measures must be urgently implemented, and risk prevention needs to be established.

During the yearly floods, clean water becomes desperately needed as well as medicine, hygiene products, and most importantly uncontaminated food.