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What We Advocate For

SFH Training Programmes: Making a Difference that Lasts

We Believe Our Work is Never Finished.

Since Skills For Humanity’s founding, we have completed and offered assistance to and created various projects throughout South East Asia reaching nearly 1million persons in need.

Pictured: Center for the Elderly, Yangon Myanmar, they are in urgent need of food, beds, disability care and hygiene equipment.

FEATURED WORK: A crucial project which was recently started, is our new narcotics/alcohol rehabilitation program, coupled with our mental health awareness and counseling group. With our narcotics and addiction work, we often find children under the age of 15 needing assistance, usually under the influence of abusing inhalants and solvents.

PRIDE 2020 (June)


SFH has offered long-term assistance to the LBGTQI+ community, offering counseling and support, as well as providing free health care screenings and advice throughout Myanmar, we are dedicated to advocating for LGBTQI+ rights and inclusivity.

We offer training to NGO/INGO’s, companies, schools/universities and individuals on the subjects of:

SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity)

LGBTQI+ inclusion and diversity

Sexual Education and Health Training for Individuals, Organisations and Health Professionals

HIV/AIDS Prevention and awareness (Including advocacy, training and counselling)

Photo: Mon state flooding 2019 *crd to owner*


Nearly every year, during monsoon season, South East Asia is hit by heavy and devastating rains.

Different states within Myanmar are often effected by severe flooding, shutting down schools, facilities, government buildings and roads.

Other than offering emergency and relief support, we also offer preventative measures in the form of training as well as Structural and Nonstructural Flood Mitigation and Risk Transfer Measures.

Human trafficking is a current epidemic throughout the globe. An estimated 575,000 people are victims of trafficking in Myanmar alone (Population of 52,424,000,est)


Trafficking awareness and prevention is a project we are very passionate about. We are currently focusing on mapping routes for human/drug trafficking, as well as creating safe havens for victims of abuse.

We provide stable supportive environments, which are designed to help and provide education to victims, while treating physical and psychological wounds.

SFH is dedicated to provide training, mapping and preventative measures for facilities, organisations and individuals as well as rehabilitation, aid and ongoing support to victims.

Paving the way to a brighter future, through education and respect.

Meredith Bunn

All Donations and Proceeds Go Immediately to Projects.

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